Consider using Pole Position Kartways for your next fundraising event !

Why use Pole Position Kartways for fundraising ?

  1. very simple to organize
  2. involves the entire family; while most fundraisiers are targeted towards either kids or their parents (not both), fundraising at Pole Position Kartways caters to both kids and their parents at the same time (a great family event combined with your fundraising activities)
  3. great way to combine fundraising and building camaraderie within your group

Here's how it works

  1. call us to discuss and schedule a suitable time for your group
  2. your group sells as many tickets as they can (your group determines how much these tickets are sold for)
  3. in return for your group using Pole Position Kartways for your fundraising activites, Pole Position Kartways receives 1/2 of the ticket sales (based on original face value), and your group receives the residual as your fundraising profit
  4. your group has exclusive use of the Conference Centre facility while you are hosting your fundraiser (if desired, your group has free use of our BBQ facilities ... you bring the food and condiments and we'll provide the BBQ)
Ticket Price (your choice)   $20
Minus: what Pole Position Kartways receives     10
Residual fundraising profit (per ticket) for your group      10
Multiply by number of people attending   x 100
Total fundrasing profit for your group   $1,000

Great fundraising for the following groups

sports teams; class fundraising, non-profit organizations, charities,
schools systems, church groups, girl scouts, boy scouts, recreational
departments, social clubs, day care centres, student councils

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